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Aug 20, 2009 7:00pm EDT
. tonight, garrett mock seeks to earn his third curly w in a row.    . >> bob: in a town s history another step into the future and some history as well for the acknowledges today. a new general manager. but the more things change the more they stay the same. fans coming in for game 3 of this series, bob carpenter, rob dibble, rob it was four months ago when ryan zimmerman signed his contract, mike rizzo signed his today. >> rob: and folks who don't know mike rizzo, he has been around the game for an awful long long time, he has done it as a player, as a development guy, this is some of his stuff done with the washington nats, been a part of the last three drafts, so obviously signing the extension for the base of the franchise, the trades, and then revietnamping a lot of this team, a lot of guys that were left over from jim bowden's rein he has been able to trade or get rid of or send back somewhere else, hence they came. but i think you know you look at the bullpen, he has revamped the bullpen. manny
Aug 20, 2009 7:30pm EDT
very easy on garrett, come up as a starter, go back to the minors, be a reliever, come back up to the minor leagues, be a starter, come back here again. now he is start to go feel himself like he probably did when he was a starter. throwing off speed stuff, changing speeds, pounding the strike zone. took him maybe six strikes to get there and now he is there looks pretty good tonight. >> clint var mass, 3 for 9, three home runs. it's interesting when we profile sean burnett, he went the other way. sean from starter to reliever and garrett mock leaving the pen to become at least for now a fairly solid major league starter.   . >> rob: well, and as it has been for a long part of baseball's history a lot of starters come up from high school, college and have to cut their teeth out of the bullpen, work themselves into the rotation.   . >> bob: high in the air, le center. nyjer morgan is under it.   or is it tony flesh? one out. >> rob: somebody is going to glove that ball when it comes down, but the bottom line is it is a li
Aug 3, 2009 8:00pm EDT
has to do. i don't think morton will be around to end the game garrett is looking at 104. >> bob: 4 to 5. if he gets an out. laroche. that's a good fastball. 3-2. fastball away. a base hit. up the middle. that will bring up cedeno. >> rob: trying to hit it up the middle. getting it by guzman. super cedeno is up. >> bob: high strike to cedeno. flared out to gonzales the first time. >> rob: and break minus two and the vertical break was minus zero. >> bob: you are reading the auxiliary score board again. [ laughter ] >> bob: you didn't figure that out on your own. a broken bat. a one hopper. guzman himself. he will run in and lead off in the top of the 4th. nats down 3-0. t... we bring fiber optic all the way to the home. um... which gives you more bandwidth than cable. so you can upload faster. so it's like comparing a horse and buggy to a sports car. am i the, uh, horse? (announcer) it's a whole new internet. makes uploading as easy as downloading. because your internet's not fast unless it's two-way fast.  >> bob: the nats are still much in the game. mock put a couple of zero
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Aug 3, 2009 7:00pm EDT
of a trillion dollars. and, of course, every single dollar comes from our taxes. major garrett is at the white house tonight. how does the white house reconcile spending like that with the promise of no middle class tax hikes? >> well, shepard, the reconciles it by repeating the president's campaign pledge which you took our audience through just a minute ago. it also says. this look, if the economy picks up, and economic growth and the tax revenue that comes with it also pick up and there is some arrangement to reduce the future costs of health care and their burden on the federal government, all these things can be reconciled. but, shepard, i don't need to tell your audience there are a lot of ifs there. and a lot of doubters, many of them democrats who used to work in the treasury department says you can't get everything the president's without bricking that tax bite down closer to the middle class. shepard: is in a trial gliewn see how people would react to the idea of class hikes and then later when middle class hears it's just about the rich, they are not so upset? >> no, shepard. every
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Aug 15, 2009 2:30pm EDT
wants his way and wants it to be law. >> one reporter that wants answers is our major garrett. this past week, he and robert gibbs got into it because there have been e-mails from the white house reached people who haven't asked for them. and take a look what happened. >> i'd be interested in seeing who you got the e-mail from and whether or not they're on the list. i don't-- >> give you the people so you can check them on a list? >> i'm asking. >> you're asking me if they're on a list? >> and a list-- checking without asking me to double-check the names. >> they're telling me that's-- >> because they never asked for an e-mail. >> what i'm saying, i don't, i don't-- i'd have to look and see. >> so you don't have an explanation, someone who never signed up and never asked to get an e-mail-- >> you can answer because you might be accused of promoting the answer. >> what they're saying, that's coming back now. >> well, look, anytime you talk about health care, you talk about privacy issues and the obama administration start this had when they came out and said report anything fishy. then th
Aug 31, 2009 6:00am EDT
hospital center. we talked to doctor john garrett, chief of cardiac surgery. >> doctor john garrett, chairman of the board of directors of the virginia hospital center, can you remember the first moment you thought you might want be a doctor? >> i think so. my stepfather was a surgeon. and for lots of reasons, i wanted to be like my stepfather. so from about age 7 when he came into my life, i kind of wanted to copy him. i think it got a little more serious than that when i was in high school i injured my hip, dislocated my hip in a skiing accident. i had to be a hospital for about seven weeks where they pinned my knee and contraction and had a lot of time to just play and observe people in the hospital. i think in my mind that i decided then that i was going to do it. >> where did you grow up? >> montgomery, alabama. >> where did you go to college? >> emory university in atlanta for undergraduate and then i went to medical school at the university of alabama in birmingham. >> where did the hard part get into your life? >> medical school in alabama had a strong cardiac surgery progra
Aug 20, 2009 8:00pm EDT
birthday.   high gats from garrett mock a he blows away ian stewart. he has six strikeouts, and four of them are against hawpe and stewart, both left-handed batters in the 5 and 6 spots.   . >> rob: starting to look fo change-ups here, north republican grum man, he offers the fastball, no shot for stewart. if you made that great play in the field you deserved that strikeout.   . >> bob: you and i were surprised that somebody could be called on a play that took that long to develop because the runners should have all had great leads. >> rob: it's just unfortunate, sometimes, that, you know, things don't workout in your favor and maybe you can go back and try to retrace where things may have gone wrong.   say, eh, listen, the guy is working from the windup with two outs, he is kind of giving you a few more steps on your lead. >> bob: at least two steps, yeah. >> rob: and that play was bang- bang. >> bob: two balls and a strike. garrett mock misses well inside to the number 7
Aug 14, 2009 11:00pm EDT
, both of them belonged to the good guys. they shut them out due to great pitching from garrett mott. the reds' mascots, they have three of them. having a good time. scoring in the fifth. ronnie belliard changes that with one swing, the shot to left off aaron harang. there were some nats fans. paul janish facing garrett mock. mock had a good game. he singles to center field. no fear. nyjer morgan is here. he's fast and had a big-time home. you're a dead duck. the nationals shut out the reds, 2-0. >>> now to baltimore, what a night for felix pea yeah. pea yeah at the plate. he finds the gap in right center field. he was near piette-fect. the o's beat the angels 15-6. >>> when you lose 23-0 and get out in a game 2-1 in terms of yardage you need to dig a little bit to find the positives. for the redskins, one of the positives who played very well in their los to the ravens was malcolm kelly. it matched his total from a disappointing rookie season. he showed the ability to make the tough catch going over the middle in a game, which is something we have seen him do routinely in practice.
Aug 31, 2009 12:00pm EDT
, and all the chief of cardiac surgery, dr. john garrett. what are your responsibilities? >> well, in some ways it's -- it's analogous to being the general manager of a hotel but probably a more complex environment. we're responsible for ensure that go all of the support services are available for patients, for physicians and staff, but then also i work very closely with medical staff on our quality initiatives to improve quality and also in the financial management of the organization. >> what are the revenues of the hospital in a year? >> in the last year, 2008, it was about $288 million. >> how many employees? >> about 1,800. that is hospital employed staff. in addition, there are 800 members of the medical staff who are totally independent, not employees but very integrally involved in the hospital, in the operation. >> do you have doctors on staff? >> we do. we employ about 30 to 35 physicians but as you can see, the overwhelming majority of physicians are independent practitioners who choose to bring their patients here. >> can any doctor in the united states, who is accredited in th
Aug 1, 2009 7:00pm EDT
to put big league hitter ace way once you get ahead. >> bob: here is garrett jones hitting .310. >> rob: yeah, that milwaukee game he lasted four and 2/3. the nationals ended up winning the ballgame 14-6, and he guilty a no decision. >> bob: five runs on nine hits. stammen has seen the pirates before, of course. he came it of that ballgame with a 5.68 e.r.a. and then the 0-2. well outside. the third consecutive hitter. he has gotten to that point in the count. garrett jones is is a 28-year- old outfielder from harvey, illinois, originally signed by atlanta 10 years ago. left center. nyjer morgan can't get there and plays it hon a hop. john lannan, pretty hittable last night and stammen, not a great start here tonight. now, here is the defense we talked about with elijah dukes and his 10 assists in right field. josh willingham back to left where he's more comfortable, and with morgan in the middle, very, very good. al weathero gonzales struggling a bit in the field and big-time with the bat. the nats need to get him going, and here is ryan doumit, the catcher, hitting just .245. and he r
Aug 15, 2009 6:00am EDT
with the nationals, after a three-game losing streak, the nats got a good pitching performance by garrett mock and some great defense by niger morgan. the center fielder threw out a runner at home to keep the lead. the nationals beat the reds in cincinnati, 2-0. >>> what a game for baltimore oriole felix p.a. not only did he go 4-5, he hit for the cycle. the orioles pounding angels 16-6 the final. the redskins get ready for preseason game number two against the steelers. the skins got shut out by the ravens thursday night. head coach jim zorn said some of the young guys got a welcome to the nfl experience. it's not good. they have to get better. >>> to golf now,iger woods heads into the weekend with a big lead at the pga championship. tiger up by four shots over five golfers. shot two under par in the second round. >>> and a little league team from chantilly came so close to making the little league world series. chantilly lost to a power house from georgia 6-3 the final last night. that's your sports minute, i'm dan hellie, everybody have a great weekend. >>> coming up on the saturday morning
Aug 5, 2009 6:00am EDT
garrett. >> oh, good. >> tony's favorite name in morning television. >> awesome. >> let's check in with lauren demarco and find out what is happening out there on the roads. >> just wanted an excuse to say troy garrett again. >> love that name. >> all right. right now, we are working an accident on the beltway and delays are starting to stack up. it is actually on the outer loop after 66 before route 50. re we go heading south loafing 66 toward route 50. you will be on the brake really starting to back up here at this point. you want to stay to the right. it is actually an overturned pickup truck that is off to the left side of road that is slowing everybody down. on 66 itself, things looking pretty good. we have the accident after centreville that has been moved to the left shoulder and from route 50 fair oaks into the beltway, you will be at speed. heading out now to the mixing bowl in springfield, let's take a look on northbound 95. a little bit of congestion, you can see the hov lanes rightwide open for you. 395 looks good as you head up towards the 14th street bridge. that'
FOX News
Aug 14, 2009 1:00am EDT
garrett gets in a showdown with the press secretary. sarah palin is trying to reach you. how? greta: the white house press briefing room look like a scene from the wild west. major garrett asked secretary gibbs about an e-mail. >> that is the president's goal to ensure that if you did not get your health insurance through your employer, did not have those type of options, you would have something that would compete with the only game in town. i think that is in the e-mail. >> speaking of the e-mail, how was the list for who would receive it determined? >> it is those that have signed up to receive updates. >> i have received e-mails from those that did not see anything vacation from the white house, never registered, would never register -- delong >> you have done this a couple of times i want this to be very clear. ofa, whether obama for america, has nothing to do with or never has had anything to do with if you sign up through the white house to receive e-mail, i want to rephrase your question so it doesn't continue to assume that something is violating the law. >> i have never si
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Aug 19, 2009 3:00pm EDT
process is not over. shepard: so, it is not over. major garrett, live from the white house. major, it almost sounds like a tried and true republican strategy, appeal to the morals and values. shepard: -- >> the white house has done this before with the president, and what is more interesting about this development, the folks that he is going to be talking to on this religious conference call, they are on the left side of the aisle, if you will. he has not been able to appeal to them before, but he will try again today from a political activism point of view. saying that it is immoral for americans to not have health insurance at all or lose it when it is critically needed. saying that what i need you to do is not just here my message, but act in a politically noticeable way to give me some help as i struggled through this process. shepard: it is possible for the white house to move forward with this without republicans. to go ahead with a public option or government administered program. is there still a sense this morning that that might be what they are going to do? >> it has al
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Aug 29, 2009 12:30pm EDT
garrett, our senior white house correspondent who has worked at capitol hill for decades now, he is one who has been a guiding force for the younger ones within the family who have endured and will endure this sam pressure and to see his young grandson up there this morning, with the long hair, standing, standing tall and proud, remind me of moments in my family and i can't imagine that it doesn't viewers, major, from sea to shining sea today. >> the family is obviously rallying, as they have so many times, but what i'm struck by right here, shepard, i'm about ten feet from the hearse and i look at the honoree pallbearers spilling out of the front of the mission church and one of the things that people may not appreciate about ted kennedy, yes, he was a great legislator, but also had tremendous people who came to work for him and who wanted to work for ted kennedy on capitol hill more than any other lawmaker. i know that edward klein would agree with me, no senate office, no senate office operated more than a mini president, the stat got there -- staff got there early and stayed late an
FOX News
Aug 14, 2009 5:00am EDT
garrett is doing his job looking out for you. fnc has information that the white house is sending out unsolicited emails about health care. >> do you, in any way, seek databases or information about people who might be -- >> i will certainly check. i will certainly check it i'm not under that impression. again, i just. >> like to know how they got an email from the white house they when they have never asked for one. >> i would be interested who you got that email from and whether or not they are on the list. >> may i follow up politely on one of major garrett's. >> let me finish needling major. i just want. >> what you are telling me is i need to give you these people's emails so can i check if they are on a list. >> you are asking if they are on a list. if you have a different way of checking without asking me to double-check the names. i'm happy. it's apparent. >> they never asked for an email from the white house. bill: the fear is that the white house is slamming emails out to everybody. that's the fear here. joining from us washington laura ingraham with some thoughts from the i
Aug 31, 2009 7:00am EDT
the issues and what hospitals in particular are facing. we will speak with james cole and dr. john garrett who is chief of cardiac surgery. we'll be live this morning at 8:30 a.m., the first of three days looking at hospitals, administrators, and doctors on "washington journal." president obama and his family into their summer vacation at martha's menu. here is the chicago paper with their shop. here i will show you another photograph on the white house lawn as the family returned yesterday. we want to find your thoughts on this and what is ahead for the agenda of. president of the ap has a news analysis of what might be ahead on the obama agenda. -- we want to find at what is ahead for the agenda of president obama. back from his first presidential vacation, truncated by the death and remembrance of senator ted kennedy, obama settles into the oval office well aware that his approval ratings have fallen. the story further continues that the white house has confusingly indicated, then backed away from the possible abandonment of a government-run public option designed to cover 50 million wh
FOX News
Aug 14, 2009 9:00am EDT
exchange yesterday fox's major garrett asking press secretary gibbs about e-mails sent out by the administration as part of its healthcare push. major said he has received reports of people getting e-mails even though they have never signed up for any white house e-mail list. those e-mails are from organizing america the president's political group. take a listen to the exchange. >> whether obama for america or organizing for america has nothing to do with, never has had anything to do with what if you sign up for through white to receive e-mails so let's just -- the reason i interrupted you is because i want you to rephrase the question so doesn't continue to assume something is violating the law and mixing political -- >> some people who never signed up for anything related to the white house, nor obama as a candidate or anything. and have received e-mails from david axelrod. how could that be? >> i would have to look at who you said got the e-mails. host: major garrett joins us later in the show with the latest in what has now become an ongoing back and forth
FOX News
Aug 20, 2009 1:00pm EDT
to major garrett? >> every time i have been on your show, we have had a great time. i'm looking forward to being on again. i think that there are some legitimate disagreements to be had about health care and there is a lot of misinformation out there. >> i am all about having the dialogue. i think they will probably play in the room those calls. >> if i cannot hear the first one, i will put the ear piece on. my understanding is that we will do about 10 minutes on the front anend -- that is fine. it is your show. >> it is a surreal environment for a guy like me to be sitting here. trace: while they're getting the chitchat going, i want to bring in major garrett. what is going to happen is they will broadcast this directly. he is going to ask the president about health care. he is going to be tough, but direct. he is not going to go off message on this thing. the question is, is this the president's way to engage the conservative media by going to a friendly enemy, if you will? >> he has said himself, he is not a conservative. i think we could rule that out. he is very popular in philadel
Aug 2, 2009 4:00pm EDT
at a starter in the nationals uniform. we will spotlight what garrett can do to beat the bucs monday night as we continue on nats xtra. to ride in the bottom of the plane in the dark. no peanuts or nothin'. and then if your bag wants to bring one of its little bag friends for company, they charge another $25. that's just plain mean. why do they hate your bags? at southwest airlines, bags fly free. grab your bag. it's on! ( ding ) is a flavorful wheat beer. it has a very nice spice note. it has a little lemon zest and a historic brewing spice called grains of paradise. it's citrusy, lemony. sam adams summer ale. it just totally reminds you of summer, yeah. >> they do all this, and the swing is long. he takes the bat from here and goes straight to the baseball. >> 17 homers with the nationals, just 15 last year, 26 is his career high watermark with the marlins, 80 homers overall now. kind of happy we kept him around here. see what he can do. >> i think he's a cornerstone for this organization. you don't find a guy like that that can play the position decently, and just be such a high charact
FOX News
Aug 29, 2009 7:00pm EDT
reclaim that territory. major garrett is out of the rain and the wind in boston. he is in the comfort of a studio. i know, major, you want to jump in and give us your thoughts. please do signature. on the question of the next kennedy i want to share with our audience a conversation i had while waiting for two hours to get my live shot position. i bumped into a man named howard penn. howard penn is the proprietor of the puritan tailor shop. one in hyannis and one in cape cod. he is the tailor to the kennedy family. he outfitted all the young boys, john, joe, teddy and robert in their first blue blazers. he is a regular visitor, had been for years, to the kennedy compound. as we were waiting standing alongside each other a complete accident he said that at the kennedy to keep an eye on for the future is teddy the third. teddy junior son. he is charismatic and artie told me he wants to get into politics. he knows the big university also go to, is already harbored, something like that, he has an eye on politics i just hung in our audience a man who has sowed the suits that have become par
FOX News
Aug 6, 2009 4:00pm EDT
garrett says nothing fishy is going on at all. >> we are not collecting names of former those emails. >> why ask for them then -- we are not collecting names from those emails. it is obviously very capable of detecting all sorts of conversations about all sorts of issues and responding. >> stop said on fox news all of the time. -- stuffed said. >> i do not understand what the particular goal is -- stuff said. neil: all right, now to the guy asking those tough questions, call the security -- who the security beat to a pulp moments later. that got a little testy. >> no bruises, neil. neil: bad p.r.? >> the white house is in a very takoma situation, and it put itself there. first of all -- the white house is in a very touchy situation. they said they will not collect the email address is, so my natural follow-up is, why did you collect them in the first place? and if you did, what about the national archives roles that says any information sent to the white house at least for archive purposes alone, to be consistent with the law be kept? i also said, ", are you going to collect this inf
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Aug 13, 2009 10:00pm EDT
states. this will undermine the president's credibility. greta: major garrett gets in a showdown with the press secretary. sarah palin is trying to reach you. how? you will find out. the most famous squirrel in the world. [ bottle #1 ] oh hey, hey... there's that mr. clean magic eraser thing again. clean freak. [ bottle #2 ] whoa... is he better than us? uh, i mean, i mean i feel like it took you like three times longer to do whatever he did... dude, dude, he's got...these -- like -- microscrubbers... yeah, i guess... magic man. he's a magic man. what? i just want to be squeezed. [ male announcer ] remove three giand reach for the cure. call now or log on to greta: the white house press briefing room look like a scene from the wild west. major garrett asked secretary gibbs about an e-mail. >> that is the president's goal to ensure that if you did not get your health insurance through your employer, did not have those type of options, you would have something that would compete with the only game in town. i think that is in the e-mail. >> speaking
FOX News
Aug 17, 2009 3:00pm EDT
to compromise. major garrett is at the white house. first, shannon bream the public option has been key democrats' plan. >> you are absolutely right. you know the sunday shows are all important for getting a message out and floating an idea. yesterday, it was kathleen sebelius whose said that a public auction was not necessarily an essential element of the reform plan. we even heard the president at a town hall say, whether we get a public option or not, it is not the entire plan. both of them sound like they are backing away from the possibility that has stirred up some much controversy. shepard: they do not have the votes to keep the plant alive with the public option in play. >> absolutely. we heard from senator kent conrad as well. he is an important member. he is part of the gang of six, the bipartisan group of republicans and democrats who are trying to negotiate something out of the senate. >> the fact of the matter is, there are not the votes in the united states senate for the public option. there never have been. to continue to chase that rabbit, i think is just a waste of eff
Aug 4, 2009 6:00am EDT
player. >> old movie star too. >> he could be a reporter. let's go to troy garrett. he says while he was on a flight, pilot anumbered that the outside air temperature was minus 50 degrees while the ground temperature was 75 degrees. we were trying at an altitude of 30,000 feet. why is the temperature so cold up there and warmer on the ground espare closer to the sun when flying? >> sounded like it was going to be who gets there first questions swra i thought it would be a math question which we wouldn't have used it. you could have answered it. that is a great question. you would think the closer to the sun, you're 30,000 feet above the surface of the earth, it will be warmer. no, the high are up you go, the colder it gets. remember, space is cold. why is that so? let's go to science man tucker barnes for the answer. >> good question though. >> it's great question. >> the next time you are flying if a plan, a left planes can you press a button and it will tell you what the outside air temperature is. it is amazing, like minus 90 in the middle of winter. bottom layer of the atmosphere
Aug 24, 2009 6:00am EDT
to the north and west. dense fog in garrett county. oakland quarter mile visibility. mid to low 70s in southern maryland. i have been on the wrong side of the map all morning. have you noticed that? dew point in the lower 60s. better than other the weekend. as far as bill is concerned he's down to a tropical storm. racing away in the north atlantic. a lot of shower activity off shore. some of that is hacking back to our neck of the woods but looking good for the beginning of this week. the seven-day forecast, temperatures mid-80s, upper 80s tomorrow. hot low 90s on wednesday. isolated storms on wednesday, thursday and friday and then the weekend looking unsettled. cooler, highs an 80. hopefully we can change that for you. >> we look forward to at this time. thank you very much. i want to have a conversation with you behind the scenes. join me on-line in my live chat room. we will talk about traffic and hook you up with what you need to know. a tieup in adelphi at the intersection of university and 23rd. watch for crews. expect minor delays. moving outside to the beltway. we open the cameras and
FOX News
Aug 3, 2009 6:00pm EDT
correspondent major garrett on a promise that, even for the strongest president, can turn out to be political kryptonnite. i can make a firm pledge under my plan, no family making less than $250,000 a year will see any form of tax increase. >> it was one of candidate obama's most durable cheer magnets during the campaign, his promise to shield the middle class from higher taxes. he said it often and said it often in anti-tax new hampshire. >> not your income tax, not your payroll tax, not your capital gains' taxes, not any of your taxes. >> fast forward to the dog days of record deficit and sticker shock and continued job losses and dwindling ideas on taxing the wealthy. amid this, two senior economic advisors opened the door to higher taxes on the middle class. >> again, we're not at the point yet where we're going to make a judgment about what it is going to take. >> you can't rule it out. >> i think what the country needs to do is understand that we have to do what it takes. >> a priority right now, and it is never a good idea to absolutely rule things out no matter what. >> the president'
FOX News
Aug 4, 2009 6:00pm EDT
for vacation. major garrett has an update. >> after serenading president obama with the course of happy birthday, democratic senators emerged from the white house confident that cash t cash for clunkers program will keep on keeping on. >> cash for clunkers, you will pass cash for clunkers. when will you do that? >> before we leave her. >> the senate clock strikes midnight friday and then it is a month-long recess. lawmakers from michigan who call cash for clunkers an economic lifeline say the things look good to siphon $2 million -- $2 billion to keep it going. >> it looks very strong, because we're hearing from dealers and consumers across the country that this is a stimulus that is working. >> four of the top sellers are japanese models, camry's prius and honda's civic, and the only u.s. model, the top seller of all is the ford focus. the white house says it's satisfied that u.s. automakers account for 47% of clunker sales. >> people are making decisions to buy cars for the first time in a long time. >> the original cash for clunkers legislation banned cash discounts for cars built ou
FOX News
Aug 4, 2009 7:00pm EDT
sales -- at least not yet. shepard: major garrett live at the white house. it was only a test, but it's giving us an inside look at how one of the nation's biggest cities guards against terror attacks. even the so-called worst-case scenario of a nuclear bomb. and we're getting new details tonight about the u.s. citizens charged with plotting jihad right here in america with another suspect still on the loose. that's next on "the fox report." dd quality and reliability... are more than words here. it's personal. i have diabetes. rodney's kid too. so we're so proud to manufacture... the accu-chekĀ® aviva meters and test strips... here in the u.s.a. plus, we've proven you'll waste 50% fewer strips... when you use our meter, which means greater savings... for people with diabetes, like me. now that's a true american value. accu-chekĀ® aviva. born in the u.s.a. shepard: we have newde tails tonight in the case against suspects planning a violent jihad, as they put it, in north carolina. investigators are revealing secret recordings now in which the alleged ringleader of the group talked abo
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Aug 7, 2009 6:00pm EDT
numbers today saying the worst may be behind us, but senior white house correspondent major garrett reports no one, including the president, is getting carried away with the news. >> today we are pointed in the right direction. >> the president said so even though the white house still believes unemployment will rise to 10% by the end of the year t fell to 9.4% after the economy lost 247,000 jobs in july. the economy lost 741,000 jobs in january and the president, digging into his bag of metaphors said not so bad is pretty good. >> we have sart been in are a decline but we are turning this economy around. i am convinced that we can see a light at end of the tunnel. >> economists called some of the jobs data encouraging. >> the economy did not shrink ras it did the past two months. instead, it stay the about the same. earnings were not as flat as they were the last couple of months. they rose slightly. these are all positive signs. >> some might wonder how can a quarter million americans lose their jobs and the unemployment rates still fall? the labor department removed nearly 800,00
FOX News
Aug 7, 2009 7:00pm EDT
a lot further to go. the white house is saying unemployment could hit 10% this year. major garrett is there tonight. unemployment would have gone up last month at the feds counted the people who have given up or stop looking for work, which is often the case. >> that is right. the labor department decided that about 797,000 americans stopped looking for work. that shrank the labour force and the percentage of those jobless became smaller, dropping 1/10. if you put that 797,000 discouraged workers back in, the rate would have been 9.8%. shepard: it may not seem to make sense, but they have done it that way for years. at least the measurement is consistent. >> the measurement is consistent. some people quibble. one of the top economist for the labor department in the bush years said there's nothing wrong with this approach. >> it is not funny. the labor department goes out and count the number of people who say they're in the workforce and looking for work. when people are discouraged, they drop out of the labour force. >> 5 million americans have been unemployed for 27 weeks. that i
FOX News
Aug 16, 2009 7:00pm EDT
, but they've received e-mails that they never requested. fox senior white house correspondent major garrett is live in washington and pretty much at the center of all of this. you posed all the questions that essentially got the white house to finally respond and now, when they do respond, they say, they did not send e-mails to those that did not request it so what gives? >> the white house is essentially, julie blaming third parties, either interest groups on the left or interest groups on the right and the mechanism that the white house tell us they believe is behind people receiving e-mails from the white hou house, that they did not request and do not want is that these interest groups have essentially conducted the white house says to me, online petitions. meanwhile they complain or they support something that the white house is doing. and send in all the membership lists on their various advocacy groups in the form of an e-mail. these e-mails then because of the online activity on the white house website embed in the white house list and sent back out when the white house decides to s
Aug 26, 2009 12:35am EDT
sudean, garrett shine, dan barzeny and allison chafee. they are three people who have agreed to come down here and lick something for $10. >> jimmy: hey. how are you. all right, guys. welcome. welcome to "lick it for $10." now, tonight's lick it is a very special "harry potter" edition. [ scattered cheers ] that's right. which means tonight you'll all be licking "harry potter" themed items for ten bucks. are you ready? all right. very good -- contestant number one, what's your name, where are you from? >> my name is fiza, i'm from north plainfield, new jersey. >> jimmy: you're from new jersey. okay, very good. and have you seen the new "harry potter" movie? >> yes, i have. >> jimmy: oh, really, was it good? >> oh, it was really good. i like it a lot. >> jimmy: really? how many stars out of four? >> four? out of four? three. i'd say three. [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: okay. it's going down. it's losing weight as you are saying -- "four -- 2 1/2. definitely one star." but, okay, good. all right. you liked it. it was good. higgins, can you tell us fiza what she'll be licking? >> steve: well,
Aug 2, 2009 3:00pm EDT
innings. he walked garrett jones who is on deck now, leading off the 4th, a double play ball and pitching off the full windup ever since until this a-b. >> rob: another thing you to, unless you're trying to pick the runner off, you don't show  best move. just come up, roll over. not to the point where you migh throw it away. even like -- >> bob: he's running. it's a strike. there's a strike, and mccutchen is occupant by a wide margin. >> rob: i think somebody missd a sign. >> bob: and wil nieves has ma two great throws, he's 2-2 on base steal letters. >> rob: this could have bee perfect spot. milledge doesn't protect, a great though by wil nieves  throw by wil nieves. gives balester lots of credit for getting him the ball. >> bob: 3-2 pitch, and milledge sings to left field. -- singles to left field. either team has done a very job of running the bases between first and second today. >> rob: no, they have not. 3-2. breaking ball, he got it. milledge punched into left. >> bob: pnc
FOX News
Aug 24, 2009 6:00pm EDT
has taken the oversight of high value interrogations away from the c.i.a. major garrett is at the presidential vacation retreat on martha's vinyard. how would this work, major? >> well, good evening, bret. it's called the high value detainee interrogation group, otherwise known by the white house henceforth as hig and will be housed at the f.b.i., but the supervisory roll will be carried out by the national security council. that means the white house is playing its accountability and scrutiny of all future interrogations of high value terrorist suspects directly under its watch. bill burton, the deputy white house press secretary, described a little bit about the program earlier today in martha's vinyard. >> it will bring together all the different elements of the intelligence community to get the best intelligence possible based on scientifically proven methods, and consistent with the army field manual. >> that means, of course, waterboarding, that has always been out there, but when you comply with the army field manual, no loud music, no sleep deprivation. the white
FOX News
Aug 26, 2009 7:00pm EDT
years in service. we have fox coverage. major garrett on how his death could affect the health care bill. first, to carl cameron. only two lawmakers have served longer in the senate. >> what release said kennedy a part was not his longevity but his ability to reach across party lines and cut deals and compromises on some of the most contentious issues of his time. recently, he worked with george w. bush to pass such things as medicare prescription drug reform, and no child left behind education act and his bipartisan abilities had him working with the 2008 republican presidential nominee, john mccain. this was a measure of his ability to work with both sides of the aisle and get things done. shepard: he was active early in civil-rights and an action for the elderly and disabled. it is hard to encompass his legacy. >> he had been on capitol hill for 47 years. he was perhaps the most prolific and on her love legislator of the last century. -- unparalleled legislator of the last century. he was involved in controversial issues. he worked with the bush administration and the carter administr
FOX News
Aug 15, 2009 1:00am EDT
garrett got into it with the press secretary yesterday about who is on these lists, how are the e-mails being tracked. i don't know if they answer this very well. how do they handle that pr battle because people don't like to think that the white house is tracking them were getting their e-mail in some way that maybe is not appropriate. >> imagine it was three years ago and all of a sudden people across the country started getting e-mails from karl rove. the media would have gone ballistic. they would have demanded answers. i would have felt obligated to give son. that standar-- given some. i would be wondering how they got my e-mail address. people can get it through various ways but when it is the white house, that is different and kind of creepy. shannon: then you have people asking them to report fishy information. >> that happened last week. they blew it off but it gained enough steam and it made people uncomfortable. even if these e-mail that are being sent are not connected, because the white house did not answer the question, people are coming to the conclusion that the e-
FOX News
Aug 20, 2009 3:00pm EDT
for a variety of reasons? major garrett is live with more on this. how hard did the president push for that public option today? >> oh, he pushed real hard. in one point of the interview, he said that this could be a non-profit public option. that sounds like a cooperative. that is one alternative. there are republican opponents to the public option and some democratic skeptics, but remember, there are fierce advocates of the public option, both in the senate and house on the democratic side of the aisle. many house democrats said that if there is not a public auction in the bill, they will not vote for it. he says he does not see how there is any way possible speaker pelosi could move a bill of the floor of the house if it does not include a public option. this is clearly something that the white house is going to have to define more clearly for members of its own party to be satisfied on it. gregg: as i listened very closely to what his definition of a public plan was, i was left scratching my perfect hair. in his remarks and indeed right now, is the president playing a bit of de
Aug 10, 2009 5:00pm EDT
and storms are moving into garrett county. and dulles airport is at 94. this hour is 93. the hottest we have had so for is 94 degrees. it looks like we are corrupter around that this afternoon. it is almost 100 degrees. there is no seabreeze today. the numbers are so large that they are starting to bump into each other. there is a lot of moisture in the atmosphere and this makes it feel like 110. there are some storms north of us. showers of cool things off and garrett counties. a severe thunderstorm watch covers much of pennsylvania and scoops down towards those storms. even overnight tonight, it will do so warm through the mine that some of these storms will not survive. even overnight, some thunderstorms are possible, but more like a during the afternoon tomorrow. seven is to around 80. the sunset this evening is that 8:00 to 08 p.m.. -- is at 8:00 08 p.m.. then you drop back to 86. it is 70 and this area. tomorrow is another hot one, but we should break this heat wave on wednesday. 89-95 tomorrow. west winds at 15. the waves will be around a foot but the hot air is morning the water. the
Aug 15, 2009 9:00am EDT
segment. and we have zoe, a great dain who is all of nine months old and six-year-old garrett and zoe is an unbelieveably beautiful dog. and we're here to answer some pet questions. >> and he is here to keep zoe under control. >> she's beautiful, sitting down here regal. she is so well trained. >> you're going to be six years old tomorrow? yeah. happy birthday to you. happy birthday, dear garrett. >> all right. let's go on to the pet questions. according to my vet, here's the first question. x-rays indicated a torn acl. he said there's similar evidence of a similar injury in his right leg. he has arthritis. should he do surgery? >> this is really what i would recommend. make sure you see an ortsdzpeedic surgeon. because you don't want arthritis. and if you do surgery on that knee now perhaps you can prevent the arthritis. the other knee, you might even have to stabilize it. sometimes you go in and you fix it and you stop the arthritis at the level it is right now so the answer, get a consult from an expert. we use a guy named ron fallin in baltimore and your vet can call him. >> check
Aug 19, 2009 11:00pm EDT
intense recently, senate democrats are considering going it alone. without the g.o.p.. major garrett has the latest. >> president obama celebrated all things nascar with last year's sprint cup champion jimmie johnson and aide said the health care message is not stalled and health care reform can be won. >> argument is not over. discussion is not over. the debate is not over. >> house minority canter agrees the debate is not over but said the president is spinning his wheels. >> what i really see right now is a white house and chaos over health care. >> mr. obama's chief of staff rahm emanuel told the new york times, they believe killing health care is more important for the political goals than solving the health insurance problems that americans face every day. >> the president agrees, republican leaders are trying to throw sand in the gears will for, awhile at least, pursue a bipartisan compromise. >> we take very seriously the fact that there are republicans, three of which on the finance committee, that have said they are committed to and dedicated to health care reform. and we will
Aug 2, 2009 8:00am EDT
of the area from city to the east have not seen anything. if you're out from carroll county to garrett county, you've seen some thunderstorms. thunderstorm warnings have been in effect and none of them in effect for maryland. york, pennsylvania seeing some thunderstorm warnings, but it's not been lifted yet. we're talking about some strong storms rolling through the eastern edge of frederick county and we're seeing them on the western edge down towards trek frederick. the line ends around westminister, eldersburg not really seeing them. there's flash-flood watches in effect until 11:45 for all of the areas on the northern tier of the state and straight over from frederick to cecil county. 85 degrees with scattered showers throughout the day. we'll keep you posted and have more on the week ahead in a moment. >>> thank you. now let's look at what people are talking about this morning. it's been two days since the last line of severe storms rush through state. this morning, we're learning how severe the storms were. the report this morning from carroll county. >>> ts rip up barns in frederick c
Aug 10, 2009 6:00pm EDT
. >> on the water or in the water was the place to be. or out in garrett county. up to 2,000 feet. it was only around 80 degrees this afternoon. we have a couple of showers out in washington county that made it across to garrett and allegheny county. if you're lucky enough to be out that way, you might see a shower or two in the next hour. folks out to the west of us. take a look at temperatures. it has dropped now to a more comfortable, 90 degrees. we get up to 94, which makes it actually be tied for the warmest day of the summer so far. back in july, we had a 94- degree reading. ocean city was really baking today. 96. the winds often the land. but you have got to remember, at ocean city at the airport, just west of the airport, there is some water. so it's very humid down there. and the heat indexes were around 105, 109 degrees at one point. oakland, only at 71. the actual temperatures now. it feels more like 94. so basically, 90, 93, 94 degrees is what we feel like out there. oakland, feels like low 70s. ocean city, still coming in over 100 degrees. with the temperature and humidity combina
Aug 17, 2009 6:00pm EDT
have showers uponning i and around in garrett county. out to the west from oakland to route 50. a little batch of shower and thundershowers popping up this afternoon. so, if you're heading out that way in garrett county and west virginia, we'll see showers before the next hour or two. tomorrow, a better chance and we'll see some of the activity moving across the region. 189 the high and normal now is down to 85 degrees 66 this morning and a normal now is down to 64. by the weekend, our normal high drops to the low 80s it gets more comfortable on average towards the end of the month. 100 degrees is the record and 88 last year. that was from ocean city and we -- and the dew point, last hour, it was in the low 60s. this hour, it's come up to 68 and that means it's stickier outside right now than earlier. we have a south east wind that keeps the moisture in the area the bay and the ocean. as long as you get the moisture and the temperatures aren't that high. tomorrow, a southerly wind and the temperatures will break it in many places. that's where we're seeing showers and thundersh
Aug 29, 2009 6:00am EDT
associate with the remnants of tropicalepressioren danny. there are a few showers in garrett county buthiotnghi locally. the rest of emth are a aut the eastern shore and into the thoe ds meaotn we are out of the woods for showers and storms throughout the day today. therwie thll be a few sunny bres ere is a chance for a few scattered showers. it is not well as widespread as yester hi wpe todrerail tay hi in the td-80's, 85 a de 85 degrees later this afternoon withewth of os ae scattered thwie ll be more clouds and susu b roughout the day. a ol. front moves i to tonight. behind that coldni front, that s wh wsh i uern the dryer, ss humid, more cabfole hrte for of sunshine for s b be a prettyd light rain today, tomorrow a big improvement. >>> there are two tickets more -- worth more than $166 million each. the winning numbers are the winning tickets were sold in california and new york. >> why are you so sure? >> i am as sure as everybody else. >> $333 million, what would you do with that much cash? >> i would pay off my mortgage, the first thing. >> that is the jackpot for the drawin
Aug 20, 2009 11:00pm EDT
cloudy. patchy. there is a thunderstorm watch out for garrett county until about 5:00 a.m. most of the thunderstorms are north of them up in pennsylvania in the metro area will be quiet to fight. lows in the 70s. temperatures are still in the 80s. low 80s in chantilly and dumfries. now, tomorrow morning partly cloudy, very warm. 70s and 80s. and then by afternoon, here comes the cold front. we're been talking about this front all week. partly sunny, shot, showers and thunderstorms -- hot, showers and thunderstorms, a slight chance storms could be severe. winds increase at about 10-15. here is the latest track for bill. right now winds are 125 miles per hour. it's a high end category 3. we're going to pass west of bermuda and then begin to recurve back to the north and northeast. again, i think the biggest threat for us will be rip currents. it could brush maybe the cape and maybe down east main if it doesn't turn northeast fast enough. and, again, here is a look at the wind field. the orange is 40-mile an hour winds, the red 60-mile an hour winds. and this is 8:00 p.m. saturday.
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